I did nothing but still you wanted me

How could I describe the love God has for me? The simple answer is that I cannot. God the almighty one, God the holy one, God the one true God, God the God of gods has chosen me, has loved me only because of His goodness.

Oh, how often doesn’t sin hit me right in my face? How often it is that I need to fall down at my knees asking for forgiveness and once again repent for my sinful ways. But in a way I am grateful for moments like those because it helps me remember that it’s all because of Him that I am able to live, to breathe and to be His beloved child.

In myself I am nothing, I have nothing. I have no good deeds and I haven’t got a good heart in myself but it’s through Him that I have all, that I am all. Through Him my heart becomes new, clean and living. Through Him I become holy, righteous and whole once again. I did nothing but still He wanted me. I did nothing and still He loved me, and oh how He loves me. How He loves you, how He loves us. Blessed be His holy named that saved us even though we were not worthy of it. He adopted us into His family even though we were the least adoptable of all. Thank you Father, thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit.

Not because of who I am, but because of what You’ve done. Not because of what I’ve done, but because of who You are.

Casting Crowns



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