Stepping into a new season 

Not only is it only 4 days before we leave for Ireland, and 10 days before our wedding. But Alan and I just received the keys to our first apartment. 
I was more than excited to hold the key in my hand, glue the little name tag Kongari on the door and then open it up. Things are quickly getting really real. 
In two weeks I will be married, have a new last name and live with my husband in a city in which neither of us have lived before. 
I’m stepping into a completely new season in my life but that’s what changing seasons is all about right? Going into something new and different from the old, and to be honest I am thrilled. 



En reaktion på ”Stepping into a new season 

  1. Ja det är spännande. Vi önskar er allt väl i er hem. Jag är nyfiken och hoppas få hälsa på vid tillfälle. Efter bröllop och resa. Före det träffas vi ännu i trevliga tillfällen. Kram


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